Group Session Information

The Group Session

In addition to the one-on-one tutoring sessions available from The Reading Room, we also offer group sessions of no more than 5 students (with a minimum of two) to hold online or in person classes.  Classes can be literature circles where students read and discuss books together or they can be skills based, focusing on certain aspects of literacy children need help with (phonics, writing, spelling, etc.).  Sessions consist of four, one hour long weekly sessions.  As it is a group session, prices would be lower than one on one tutoring.

Customer Registration

Registering as a customer on The Reading Room website is highly recommended but not required.  Booking a Group Session can be accomplished without registering, but personal information like First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone are not retained by the website.  By registering, this information is stored on the website and is used to automatically fill in the personal data required for future booking selections.  Registration also allows direct access to the customer “My Sesssions” account.  Registering as a new customer can be accomplished by clicking on the main menu LOGIN item and filling out the Register form.

Book a Group Session

The available Group Sessions to book are listed below.  Individual listings show the date and time, number of students allocated for the session and the location of the event.  Clicking on a Group Session displays a description of the event and allows the customer to book this event for the desired number of students.  The following screen shows the event information as well as credit or debit card information required to complete the transaction.


Once a Group Session is booked, an email notification will be sent confirming your registration for the event.  The email will include information on the event date, time and location.  Email notifications will also be sent if the event happens to be canceled or rescheduled.  Reminder emails are sent the day before the Group Session takes place.

Customer Sessions Page

A registered Reading Room customer can access their account information from the “View My Sessions” link under the Curriculum main menu item.  It can also be seen on the Group Sessions and Book a Session pages beneath the booking forms.  All scheduled one-on-one sessions are listed under the Appointments tab while the Group Session information is listed under the Events tab.