Who We Are

The Reading Room is a professional tutoring service specializing in helping students who struggle with reading or with students who need to be challenged.  The latest techniques in individualized testing are used to create customized reading programs for each student.

All tutors are highly trained reading professionals who use a hands-on approach to teaching.  They all have their credentials verified and are specifically trained in our teaching methods. 


Our Tutoring Service

Our in person tutoring service presently covers the western areas of Broward County (Plantation, Sunrise, Davie and Pembroke Pines).  Online services have recently been added so we can now work with students from virtually anywhere in the world .

The tutoring sessions are typically held in local public libraries, allowing the student to walk around and find books that interest them.  While we have our own curriculum, we are open and flexible to meet the family’s need.  Occasionally parents request that we work with their child to improve in a particular area, typically to prepare them for an upcoming test.  We are all for discussing these special situations with parents and working with the student to improve their proficiency.

For those students who cannot make it to a library, we are now able to offer online sessions via the Zoom meeting application.

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Our Students

Current students range from 3 years old to sophomores in high school. Some have documented disabilities like dyslexia, ADHD, and autism. They may have a hard time understanding reading concepts based on the traditional teaching methods employed by schools. We present the material in other ways that can be better understood by these students.

Some students may be falling behind in the classroom or failing their reading subject. Individual tutoring helps these students increase their reading proficiency and should result in improved grades in school.

There are students that fall into the ESOL category (English for Speakers of Other Languages) while others are great readers whose parents just want them to be even better.  Not all of our students are struggling readers.

What We Do

Tutoring services are meant to help students boost their confidence in particular subjects and increase their chances of passing standardized tests.  Our goal is to improve the student’s knowledge and proficiency in those subjects. The Reading Room is a tutoring service that specializes in helping many different types of students improve their reading skills.

The Reading Room tutoring sessions are held in 10-week modules with 1-hour weekly sessions.  Each tutoring session will follow the curriculum framework as described below.  Additionally, at the end of a 10-week module, a book will be created by the student on a topic of their choice.


The Curriculum Framework

1-Hour Weekly Tutoring Session within a 10 week Module

10 Minutes – Fluency Activity

20 Minutes – Targeted Reading Lesson

  • Oral Language
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension

20 Minutes – Shared Reading/Writing Activity

10 Minutes – Students Inform Parents about Tutoring Activities

Tutor helping young student with plastic alphabet characters

The Student Book or Essay

The end product of the 10-week module will be the creation of a book or essay, researched by the student and based on their interest. An in-depth description of each of these tutoring sections can be found on the Curriculum page of this website.